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We are an It consultant that provides companies in the nordic region with tailored outsourced teams, individual it-consultants and system development.

There is a great demand for software developers. The increased digitization and the speed of technological development makes it difficult and to find the right skills. At a fair price. With passion, liability and local presence we build solutions that are robust, scalable, customizable, secure and fully in compliance with all industry standards. We have offices in Stockholm and Kiev.

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We believe technology plays a critical role in the interface with the user

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We believe technology plays a critical role in connecting our customer to their customers. We’re passionate about doing meaningful, transformative work with our customers, building products that can be secure, scale up fast, easy operationalized and sustained over the long term.

We believe forward-thinking organizations are weaving through their infrastructures a digital thread that includes machines, people and data and are focusing on delivering value in new ways to all end-users, both internally and externally. As new technologies, including cloud-based infrastructure, move to the fore, companies need to integrate security measures into the foundation of their digital priorities. This means continually checking for intrusions. At the same time, companies need to pick their battles around cybersecurity to avoid making the processes or experiences too onerous.

We fundamentally believe in developing long term strategic partnerships with our clients by exceeding expectations and a great level of transparency.

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We provide superior quality tech services that: END USERS prefer to use, EMPLOYEES are proud of and CUSTOMERS recommends.

We get the work done - At Aicomy person doesn’t sit and ask for work—they’re the ones driving things.

Customers success matters to us - Our teams ask questions to really understand the why. That understanding enables the team to sift through the noise and rally behind work that’s meaningful to the client and its customers.

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A culture of Innovation

Our innovations begin and end with the customer, in that we search for solutions to problems that sometimes they don’t even realize exist or that they believe can’t be solved. Our innovative success is creating clear customer value and revenues.

A culture of Managing Change

Change may bring a complex and difficult process, but not changing can be fatal. Managing change on the personal and organizational level requires clear leadership and new thinking, new models for change and new frameworks and tools to enable a smooth transition.

A culture of Continuous Delivery

Agile plus DevOps for greater customer responsiveness. Understanding and responding to customers needs requires discovery of what works for customers and continuous adjustment of strategy based on these insights. Customer-touching solutions can’t be modeled — they are complex, with high levels of uncertainty for what the needs are and what solution can meet them.

A culture of Fast Delivery

We use the “The Design Sprint” model created by Google. The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping and testing ideas with customers. We use this sprints to solve the big problems efficiently and focus on work that matters with speed and urgency.

We’re not successful until 
you’re successful

At Aicomy person doesn’t sit and ask for work—
they’re the ones driving things.


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