Cloud Computing

Advanced Cloud Services

Today's cloud-based architecture has changed the development model for what companies themselves need to develop.

Hiring technology solutions is easier than ever and the players become more, more nicely and integral with each other. The combination is that, as a solution buyer, it has very great flexibility and can tailor its solution with great adaptability and easily replace suppliers who do not keep the measure. Centralizing the data allows the cost to be shared amongst all the users and accomplishes what IT is always seeking to; increase computing capabilities, without having to provide a new infrastructure.

All evidence points to multi-cloud being the future of IT, and its rise will bring about big changes not only in how organizations interact with their vendors but how vendors interact with each other. A multi-cloud strategy is transformative for businesses and the right partner can mean a pain-free transition so businesses can make the most of the advantages it offers.

A study conducted by IDC found that 86 percent of enterprises predict they will require a multi-cloud strategy to support their business goals within the next two years. Businesses want the best possible infrastructure, services, and platforms. Any organization looking to remain competitive within this space in the coming years should certainly follow suit. The top providers of cloud solutions are constantly innovating and introducing new technologies to better their service. An enterprise with a multi-cloud solution can be proactive in the market, electing to consistently employ the best services and value at any one time.

Moving to a multi-cloud solution can be challenging if you do not have an experienced in-house IT team to keep on top of it all. Multiple clouds elevate the complexity of the operation at a time where understanding of the cloud is still varied among CIOs. Moreover, managing cloud services takes up time and IT resources, which could be better spent elsewhere in the business -- such as creating new features and supporting customers.

Many organisations are therefore turning to a managed cloud services provider to assist them with their multi-cloud solution.

Aicomy as your multi cloud solution partner, can guide your business through the challenging process of setting up your multi cloud solution, ensuring that you not only use the best-in-class technology but that they also use it in the right ways. There is plenty of reward to be had from a multi-cloud strategy, but implementing it can pose risks for the uninitiated. Our Multi Cloud team can help you develop an efficient and compliant cloud platform that meets the demands of your users and applications—and dissolves any of your cloud concerns.