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  • Simple

  • Fast

Our Business Model

Aicomy creates future-focused digital products and services designed to make a meaningful impact and bring commercial returns.

Our key is simplicity - We rely on simple, proven business models and long term collaboration. Because we work long-term with our customers and want to be their partners, our primary model is a competitive monthly subscription "Retainer".

Secondly, we will also do some smaller projects and then our model is a competitive price per hour and team member.

And thirdly, we invest our time in Start Ups where we can contribute with both development time and entrepreneurial skills. This business model sees us become deeply enmeshed in the projects we are engaged with.

We advocate close client collaboration to the point at which joint project teams merge into one. All of our work benefits from the knowledge and experience gained through building our own businesses and products.

Because we have a senior and cost-effective organization, our resource assignments and projects will make a good ROI.